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A Ziegel HomeOriginally from Germany we have been building with Ziegel block system since 1990 in both residential and commercial settings. On moving to New Zealand we soon realized that this would be a an ideal building system for New Zealand conditions so we started the Ziegel NZ business in 2009 with the first house being built in Kerikeri this and the following houses being built in NZ revealed that the Ziegel block system offers extraordinary properties for those unique conditions.

Our aim is:

  • to provide a healthy and long lasting building system at affordable rates no matter where in NZ

Our technology:

  • All natural products combined with the latest technology
  • Clay block does not age or deteriorate
  • No condensation or mould formation
  • Excellent Thermal Insulation
  • No treated timber or other chemicals required
  • Gives you a healthy living environment

For more information you can download and print the following pdf documents or please do contact us for more information.

Our certification
Standard Ziegel Advert
Thermal Performance information sheet
Laying ThermoPlanĀ® blocks
Thermo Plan TS2 block specifications
T16 Block specifications
Earthquake and lintel block specifications
Internal door lintel block specifications
ThermoPlan Angle block specifications
Sound Protec block specifications
Earthquake, climate and very high wind zones information
Earthquake Brick U Block Design
Earthquake Brick U Block Specifications