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Ziegel Construction

Essentially Ziegel is a honeycomb clay building block. It is faster and simpler to build with, will out perform other masonry systems and yet offers similar built costs. This method of building is proven over hundreds of years and many thousands of buildings. Ziegel NZ offers New Zealand a whole new building system with  fired clay blocks, double glazed PVC windows, polyathylene roofing insulation panels, solar systems, granite inner sills, aluminum outer sills, roller blinds, rafter roofing construction and European inner doors. No treated timber is used in our homes.
Ziegel is a very simple, quick and robust construction method

The reason behind this package is to offer people healthy ,energy saving, long lasting, quality homes, which they can enjoy for generations to the same costs than normal timber frame and trusses constructions.

Our building materials meet the very latest requirements and highest standards of modern building technology. They have been million times approved and successfully used in Europe over decades.

We are able to run our building consents on a AS O2 solution( Alternative solution) account at all District Councils in NZ and the construction also meets the British 5628 Standard which is an acceptable solution here in NZ. Ziegel Blocks are:

  • Price competitive with brick venire timber frame system.
  • No additional insulation necessary.
  • Material doesn’t age or deteriorate or lose insulation value.
  • Impact from water or moisture does not affect the structural ability.
  • Easy and fast to install.
  • Suitable for all earth quake zones.
  • Excellent for multi stories apartment blocks due to unbeatable sound proofing properties.
  • Ziegel has the lowest natural moisture equilibrium of all building materials.
  • It contains only natural substances, does not omit harmful vapours or gases, dust particles or fibre.
  • Keeps houses cool in summer and warm in winter.
  • No condensation or mould formation.
  • Ecologically sound and Energy saving with good over heating control due to thermal mass of block.
  • Ability to store and release heat and moisture which helps to control and maintain room comfort all year round.
  • Does not create space for insects or mice in-between the wall.
  • F90 fire rating (resistant for 1000 ° for 90 min).
  • Suitable for all kinds of buildings including housing, flats, offices and schools up to 4 storeys high.
  • Means that you will have a warmer, dryer, healthier and more energy efficient home.
  • Ziegel blocks come with a life time guarantee
And together with our mineral plaster system we can achieve breathable and healthy living environment all year through.

Roofing insulation panels:

  1. Increases insulation value ( R value 3.7 at 80mm) to top standards.
  2. Long lasting (no deterioration or aging).
  3. The panels provide a watertight roof even without tin or tiles.
  4. Roofing space can be used for storage or installing hot water system.
  5. Roofing space will be also wind and bug tight.
  6. Panels are not inflammable.

For more informationon the materials we use please visit www.linitherm.de/en

Double glazed windows:

  1.   no condensation due to double glazing.
  2.   Great insulation ( R value).
  3.   Burglar proof.
  4.  Tilting and opening possible.
  5.  Double glazing allows UV radiation to kill bed bugs, mites and other harmful micro organisms which can cause health problems.

Solar systems:

  1. Hot water for all year round for nearly no costs.
  2. Very price competitive.
  3. Minimal maintenance and 10 year guarantee.
  4. Very efficient as they are well insulated and don’t need any power to run pumps or hydro stations.

Inner doors:

  1. No rattling as they come with rubber sealing.
  2. Fire proof for up to 30 min at 1000° C
  3. Perfect fit to all wall constructions.
  4. Washable none scratch surface.
  5. No more bending door blades as they stay straight even used as a bathroom door or in changing wet/dry conditions.

Granite inner sills:

  1. No more treated timber will be used in Ziegel houses
  2.  Our polished granite sills are forever lasting, no sanding and painting needs to be done any more.
  3. They do not crack and even look very nice

Alluminium Outer sills:

  1. Tight fit to wall construction.
  2. No leaky problems around the windows.
  3. Available in a number of colours.
  4. Protect the outside walls from rainwater running down and leave stains on walls.
  5. Wind and bug tight - simple route to good, long-lasting airtightness.

For more information please contact us.