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Ziegel NZ homes
Greenway Drive, Kerikeri
We can't believe what difference it makes to live in a Ziegel house...
Ziegel NZ homes
Coopers Beach
I think everyone should have one of these houses...
Ziegel NZ homes
Red Hills Road
There is no mould anywhere and we appreciate the dry climate especially in our wet winters...
Ziegel NZ homes
Terracotta Homes Ltd, Kerikeri
Ziegel NZ offer great value for money, excellent quality and the houses are very long lasting...

Welcome to Ziegel NZ

Ziegel is the German word for "clay block". Essentially Ziegel is a type of honeycomb clay building block. It is faster and simpler to build with, will out perform other masonry systems and yet offers similar built costs. This method of building is very popular in Europe and is proven over hundreds of years and many hundreds of thousands of buildings.

This method of building is suitable for low rise buildings (up to 4 storeys) of all kinds including housing, flats, offices and schools. Our method of construction is particularly cost effective for larger projects, where the speed of the system is maximised.

The versatility of this method of construction means insulated basements and cellars can also be built with using our Ziegel system, with suitable tanking.

At Ziegel NZ Ltd we combine natural products with the latest technology in this energy efficient method of building including modern double glazing, natural insulation and solar energy systems all of which mean you you will have a warmer, dryer, healthier and more energy efficient home which will last longer and cost you less to maintain.

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