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Greenway Drive, KerikeriGreenway Drive, Kerikeri

We can't believe what difference it makes to live in a Ziegel house. We enjoy the balanced
temperature throughout the year which saves lots on our power bill as we don't need extra air-conditioning ,  the solar hot water system generates not only enough hot water for showering ect ,it also runs our washing machine without using the electrical backup.

Klaus.Zeltwanger from Kerikeri

Coopers Beach
Coopers Beach

I have lived in several houses and apartments in NZ. Even in an apartment which unfortunately had a leaky problem and was fixed while we were living in it. After 6 months it was still not finished and we had to move out. We bought a section and came across Michael Eyer who built us one of his Ziegel Block houses. Although we are living in a very high wind zone ,we can't hear the wind or the rain that drives against our double glazed windows. If the temperature outside is say 3°C overnight and 21°C during the day there is a change of only 1-2 °C above or below 20 inside the house without any air conditioning/heating (and we still have one or two windows tilted) - I think everyone should have one of these houses.

A. Baer, Coopers Beach

Red Hills Road


Red Hills Road

We built with Ziegel NZ 2 years ago and are using the house as a rental property. Our tenants are very happy, and say that they never lived in a more quiet house than this. There is no mould in wardrobes or on windows and they greatly appreciate the dry climate especially in our wet winters.

R.Z Massey



Terracotta, Kerikeri

Terracotta Homes Ltd, Kerikeri

We are an investment company and have chosen Ziegel NZ to build our houses as they offer great value for money, excellent quality of building materials and the houses are very long lasting.There are little costs for maintenance and they provide an absolute healthy living environment. Great service from Ziegel NZ!